If your water doesn’t feel as soft as it did when your softener was first installed, even the day after the regeneration cycle, it could be the result of a common problem…


Your Culligan softener resin is carefully engineered to provide a lifetime of softening/regeneration cycles and remove calcium and magnesium “hardness” over and over for years.  However, most water supplies have additional problem particles besides hardness.  Even when present in amounts too low to warrant specialized removal equipment, these substances can, over time, build up in the resin bed of your softener.  Silt, sediment, trace amounts of iron and even water treatment chemicals block the reaction sites on the individual resin beads. This reduces the effectiveness of each regeneration cycle and thus your units softening ability.

Luckily, your Culligan Man can help.  Culligan has introduce an environmentally safe and truly effective Resin Cleaning and Treatment System that can be performed in less than an hour on most residential systems.

Previous treatment regimens relied on a caustic solution of hydrochloric acid.  It was dangerous to handle and could not be release into sewage or septic systems.   It often meant removing your equipment to safeguard you and the environment and returning it after the treatment.

Culligans new treatment is not only safe for your family and the environment, it is more effective at cleaning your resin.  It is specifically designed to address the adverse effects of water treatment chemicals such as Chloramines on the advanced Polymer Resins used in Culligan softeners. The new formula is still effective in removing the silt, sediment, chlorine and iron build up that robs you of the full benefits of your Culligan softener.  And the treatment can be completed in your home with just one service visit.

Culligan recommends regular treatment of your resin to keep it in top shape.  If your equipment has been in service for 3 years or more – YOU NEED A TREATMENT.  When we are there the service technician will inspect your equipment, test your water, the current condition of your resin and recommend a regular treatment schedule to ensure peak softening performance.

So call us today or go here to schedule a RESIN REGUVINATION treatment, and get back the water quality you deserve.  It will be like the day you got your new softener all over again – you will be amazed at the difference.